About center

The Center was established on initiative of the 1st President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, further by decree issued by Cabinet of Ministers dated on December 31, 1997 # 583 to organize Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery.

The organizer of the Scientific Center is Honored Healthcare worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Marat Khikmatovich Kariev, who became its first director.

In 2011, the reconstruction of the new building of the Center for Neurosurgery was completed. A number of concrete measures are planned for the development and equipping of all neurosurgical departments of the Republic for the introduction of the newest technologies.

The Research Center set up various departments and laboratories: outpatient diagnostic department, department neurooncology, traumatic brain injury department, spinal pathology department, department of vascular disease of the CNS, department of functional and endoscopic neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery and neuroanesthesiology and Intensive care unit.

Among more than 450 employees of the Center – 5 professors, 17 candidates of sciences. Most of the doctors at the center have higher medical qualifications. There are a total of 130 beds in 8 different clinical departments. The head of the Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery – prof. Kariev Gayrat Maratovich.

The operation unit  includes  7 operating rooms, there is equipped intensive care unit includes 10 beds, as well as other essential units (neuroradiology, neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, pathology departments et al.).

From 1991 to 2011 center staffs assimilated experiences of surgical treatment of brain and spinal cord pathologies, such as microvascular decompression of the trigeminal nerve, endoscopic ventriculocisternostomy, surgical treatment of epilepsy, open clipping surgery for aneurysm and malformations , tethered spinal cord syndrome and diastomatomylia, surgical treatment of Chiari malformation, stabilization of the spine with cages and transpedicular plates, laminoplasty with stenoses of the vertebral canal, vertebroplasty bone, reconstruction of the skull fracture, percutaneous discectomy, removing spinal tumors, tumors of the skull base surgery, cranioplasty with titanium materials, the use of intraoperative EMG for deep brain tumors.

The Scientific Center provides training in neurosurgery for students of the Tashkent Medical Academy and Tashkent Institute of Pediatrics. Teaching at the department is carried out by experienced neurosurgeons and covers all aspects of modern neurosurgery.

Employees of the Science Center and the Department in recent years published 22 monographs, 650 scientific papers, 34 methodic recommendations, more than 40 rationalization proposals and patents.

In the last decade the international scientific contacts of the Scientific Center with leading foreign neurosurgical clinics have significantly expanded. The Center’s staff are members of the World Society of Neurosurgeons (WFNS), the Asian Society of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS), the European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS), actively participate in conferences organized by the American Society of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). The employees of the department participated in international conferences, seminars, symposia (USA, Japan, Indonesia, India, Germany, Austria, Malaysia and CIS countries). The staff of the neurosurgery center participated in international conferences, fellowship programs, symposiums of leading countries of the world (USA, Japan, Indonesia, India, Germany, Austria, Malaysia and CIS countries).